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A lot of very good material in today’s brunch. Seriously, all of them are worth reading. That’s not to say that’s not always the standard…but…ya know. The good weather just won’t go away. High of 81 and low of 55 in Madison. Question of the day: which campus sub-culture would be most likely to enjoy wheat grass? Hipster, sorority girls, offensive lineman…?

If you still haven’t read it, you should check out Dusty Weis’ article on the Edgewater development. Again, the project has been “indefinitely” put on hold.

Cap Times reporter Mike Miller takes a buy out after 40 years. But a State Journal editor cuts a tribute article written to him.

Mike Nichols makes a very good point: “It shouldn’t be a surprise if the state treasurer is winging it.

Emily Mills talks to a payday lender: “The issue with the industry is not necessarily the percentage rate of the loans, but the fact that Wisconsin has no regulation for the length of term.”

Cap Times ed board: “But if the broadcast and cable media – which so lavishly covered Saturday’s gathering in D.C. – had been serious about seeking a genuine flavor of the frustration over Washington politics as usual, they should have come to Baraboo, Wis.”

Brewtown Gumshoe tells the story of the “shady city.”

Speculation is rising about who is behind an anonymous blog dedicated to smearing Mark Neumann. One right winger thinks it’s a ploy by the Democrats.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    Strongest brunch to be featured yet. Tell me you drizzled some syrup of ipecac on top of that dankness.

  2. Zach W. Says:

    Wisconsin Knows is penned by supporters of Scott Walker…that much is obvious.

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