College Dems v. College Repubs


The College Democrats have unveiled a new website, equipped with a regularly updated (so far) blog by its chair, Molly Rivera.

The College Republicans site is considerably less impressive, however, it is nevertheless a strong upgrade from several months ago, when the site was still advertising “MARK GREEN FOR GOVERNOR” and its executive board members included people who graduated before I came to college (I am a senior now).

Interactivity is the key to the success of student organizations, and the College Dems leadership, if it uses its blog effectively, could form a strong bond with liberal students, many of whom in the past have felt excluded from the workings of the organization.

I had to laugh out loud when I discovered that the College Republicans already had a blog: Clever name, and I appreciate the sense of humor, however, it does not represent an earnest effort to build a permanent forum of dialogue for conservative students. Moreover, if anything, it highlights how Republican politics on campus has focused almost exclusively on responses to that big, bad UW liberal majority, rather than as a place where Republicans can share ideas.

Some would counter that the point of political orgs like the College Dems and Repubs is simply to support their party’s candidates in elections. However, the introduction of blogs could change this by fostering intra-party debate forums – because there is ideological debate within the parties. Not only would this ultimately be better for the students, who would get a chance at real intellectual dialogue, but it would make participation in the orgs more exciting, and therefore attract more people.


One Response to “College Dems v. College Repubs”

  1. Voice of the People Says:

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