Brunch Links


Happy Gameday! If you’re not drinking yet you have some catching up to do. Or perhaps you’re just staying in and reading The Sconz today. Either way…

Only Italy ranks lower than the U.S. among first world countries in college graduation rates. This might – just might – have something to do with the criminally high cost of college here and its near-free status in the rest of the western world. \

Cap Times ed board: “Americans who have struggled to get the coverage they paid for know that insurance companies operate the real ‘death panels.'”

Brewtown Gumshoe on Mercury Marine: “The threat of firing 800 to 1,800 workers and possible economically eviscerating a community seems quite lucrative.”

Jesse Russell: Is content still king at

The Chief: Does State Sen. Mary Lazich even read the reports she cites?


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