Republican lawmaker admits he broke law


After a settlement deal with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, State Sen. Dan Kapanke admitted he broke state open records laws by failing to disclose documents relating to a couple of economic forums he held in June. Earlier, the DPW had filed suit against Kapanke, alleging he was hiding documents that would have revealed he had used his state staff for campaign purposes, a violation of state ethics law.

Of course, the DPW is celebrating the settlement by insisting that Kapanke was hiding illegal activities for months, while Kapanke and company are apologizing for “overlooking documents.”

Of course, the way the Democrats keep the issue going rests in the $38,000 that the state will pay the DPW in attorney fees. Although it’s part of the settlement, Democrats are now spotlighting the taxpayer money that is going to pay for “Kapanke’s illegal activities.” Liberals throughout the state are now demanding that Kapanke pay the fee out of his own pocket, which might happen, depending, quite frankly, on the lawmaker’s financial situation. What seems more probable is a payment from the Republican Party of Wisconsin.


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