Mark Neumann?


You know it’s funny – I didn’t even know that Mark Neumann wasn’t an “officially declared candidate” until I read the news that he had declared yesterday. Does the official declaration matter, and why did he wait so much longer than Scott Walker?

I perceive three possible advantages in Neumann’s tardiness. First, it allowed him to circulate his name and gain support before people (especially pollsters) started matching his name against Walker’s. Even the polls that were run could easily be dismissed because he was not a declared candidate yet. Second, it isolated the younger Walker in the field for a period of time, allowing liberals to concentrate their attacks on him (although they certainly gave Neumann his share). Let me quote the self-described anarchist at the Badger Herald, Eric Schmidt: “Scott Walker is going to be the Republican nominee. Period.”

Lastly, it allowed speculation to build up about Neumann’s candidacy. As a veteran, he is now entering the race late because “he has to.” Meaning Scott Walker just won’t cut it. The Republican Party needs an alternative. Listen to what I’ve got to say.

This should be an exciting primary. Walker is absolutely unbearable to listen to. Neumann couldn’t possibly be any worse. It’s good for politics because now Walker has to do something besides attack Doyle, whose withdrawal from the race has left Walker’s campaign flailing for talking points material.

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