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Interesting post at One Wisconsin Now on this weekend’s Fighting Bob Fest.

Fighting Bob Fest is this weekend, but some are joking that when it comes to the speaking program, Generations X, Y and the Millennials are expected to be like Buster Bluth at the Milford Academy: Neither seen nor heard.

One Wisconsin Now bought a table, so we’ll be there to join with our friends in the progressive community and we hope you will come by again and take our annual survey to help set One Wisconsin Now’s agenda for the year.

But with all due, how can a credible discussion be had about the progressive movement and the challenges facing those of us born after 1964 if one generation dominates the dais?

For instance: Who will be talking about the crisis with higher education and the future financial impact of the nearly-criminal student loan system?

Through depressing of the buying power of the minimum wage and by the ungodly explosion of tuition costs, university and technical college students become virtual indentured servants to a late 20th century economic epidemic: 20- and 30-year student loans simply to get an education. Banks made more money available, so universities and colleges jacked up tuition while state governments got more comfortable with letting students pick up more and more of the tab that used to be the shared responsibility of the public.

Frankly, I think that description could be used for more than one progressive establishment, especially in the local liberal progressive media, such as the Cap Times, which focuses an enormous amount of editorial energy evoking nostalgia from different times, rather than researching progressive solutions to today’s problems.

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