Herald turns 40, do you care?


The Badger Herald is 40 years old. And it will not shut up about it. Becky Vevea’s brief synopsis of the Herald’s history does a good job of giving some basic background on the paper, as all daily readers should sometimes wonder where their reading came from. Jason Smather’s “give me liberty or give me death” defense of the paper was interesting, but, as in all discussion’s of the Herald’s history, the focus is on the Herald’s development from a conservative paper to a moderate one.

After reading through tons of old Herald articles in the archives, the only defining characteristic of the Herald that I can perceive is that there’s nothing that defines it whatsoever. It’s a college paper. It’s leaders and writers change. It’s editorial board has ranged from liberal to right-winged, and its editorials and news articles have ranged from extraordinarily sophisticated to insultingly simple. But that doesn’t make a good narrative.

Nevertheless, today’s Herald was pretty good, not the least because of my groundbreaking article on trains and the Brewers.

The Herald has a very good editorial on CFACT’s (right wing “environmental” group) lawsuit against the university because it was denied segregated fee funding. Get this, the board spends most of the article defending Kyle Szarzynski. The guy who has now made it his life mission to attack the Herald. But unfortunately, in the process, they called him a “liberal.” Ya know, rather than progressive, radical or leftist.

Sean Kittridge: “Just to be clear, Hiebing didn’t murder anyone earlier that day. She didn’t steal a wealthy family’s baby or even illegally download music.”

The Cap Times ed board : “President Obama spoke loudly but carried a small stick.”

Journal Sentinel: Should judges’ properties and assets be open to the public?


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