Obama’s health care speech


Thoughts? I didn’t watch it. But apparently everyone I know did. Here’s the Times’ analysis.

Here’s the responses of Sensenbrenner, Kind,  Kohl and Ryan.

It’s become so nauseating to listen to Republicans butcher the health care issue – and the Democrats back off like a pack of abused dogs. And I really don’t want to hear Ed Schultz.

Any bets on what’s going to happen to health care? Pass, watered down, or fail? If it comes in more shades of gray than that, I’d like to hear.


5 Responses to “Obama’s health care speech”

  1. Zach W. Says:

    I think the president did a very good job of articulating his vision for health care reform, but now it’ll be interesting to see if he’s willing to back up his words with decisive action.

  2. Alec S Says:

    That is the kind of speech I have been waiting for since he took office. He finally used the bully pulpit to make the kind of argument for WHY health care reform should take place that only the President can. He sounded like the leader I voted for, now lets see if he acts like it.

  3. The Nuge Says:

    It’s a relief to know that there are still some true Americans on the Republican side of Congress. If you can hold in your guffaws upon hearing “illegal immigrant” during any speech, then you obviously never were an aide to the late great Strom Thurmond. Don’t bother checking out the whooping Joe Wilson’s website, it is experiencing “exceptionally high traffic” at the moment.

  4. steve baker Says:

    It’ll pass watered down, I’m betting

  5. Sam Clegg Says:

    I wish I knew more about the revenue neutrality factor, as that is (given that the national debt is expected to be 100% of GDP by 2019) the only important thing I care about in the whole proposal. But I’d be rather shocked if it added $1 trillion flat out to the national debt, as McCain said it would.

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