Brunch Links


Good morning! Another hot day, high of 80. Sunny but partly cloudy.

Even skeptics are starting to take this Swine Flu thing seriously – UW is now preparing for drastic measures.

The Herald runs one of its editorials from 40 years ago about the Sterling Hall bombing. One gets the sneaking suspicion when reading the article that whoever wrote the editorial was an enormous prick.

Speaking of sickness, UW may suspend the “doctor’s note rule,” meaning anybody who’s got something more important to do than go to class, the password is “swine flu.”

Kyle Szarzynski writes about…wait for it…the College Dems. He says the College Republicans are good for a laugh, which is true. They do have something in common with Kyle after all.

Payday lenders are dropping cash like its hot to kill this payday loan legislation. It makes sense – they are literally fighting for their survival.

Rep. Scott Suder is deployed to Iraq this fall.


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