Parenting does not matter


At least not as much as we think it does. That is the argument that has garnered cognitive scientist Steven Pinker an enormous amount of controversy. Pinker argues that Americans are bombarded with the “parenting-industrial complex” (what toys best develop my child’s creativity etc.) and that, for the most part, it’s utterly useless.

For instance, Pinker argues that identical twins separated at birth are more likely to have similar personalities than adopted siblings who grow up with the same parents. He argues that, among other reasons, people have clung to the “blank slate theory,” which states that the human mind is blank until it has been fed with information from its surroundings, for political reasons.

I usually don’t comment on topics outside of my niche, however, I watched a very interesting lecture in one of my philosophy classes that I wanted to share with my dear readers.

If you have twenty four minutes to spare, I highly recommend this lecture:


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