We want more…grocery stores!


There is a new grocery store coming to University Square. Jeff Maurer, the developer, informed me that the project will cost about $3 million and it should be open by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. Maurer says he is confident the location will attract plenty of student customers, and the Herald quoted him as saying 50 percent of the customer base would be student.

fresh_logo_primaryRegardless of what Maurer says about the high quality of the food, the most important aspect is the location. For far too long students and others in downtown Madison have had restricted grocery shopping because of the lack of options within walking distance. The only comprehensive grocery store downtown is Cap Foods, and somebody who lives, say, on University Square, has quite a hike if they don’t have a car. People like me who don’t like shopping every few days find themselves forced to make big, painful hauls every week or so.


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