Brunch Links


Good morning UW, Madison and the great state of Wisconsin. I’m a little sore that the Herald and Cardinal reported on the new grocery store at University Square before I did – especially since I did the reporting days ago. But that’s the free press for you. It’s going to be hot today, up to 80 and then later down to 53. Sunny.

The glass is half full: UW grad student mugged; thief tosses keys back to victim. How are they not going to tell us what this guy was studying? Something very rationalistic.

Bo Ryan: Players’ arrest a total shock.

Students are learning to hide inebriation better.

Patrick McEwen thinks the payday loan industry should stay in Wisconsin.

Andrew Carpenter: “The hottest women on campus, and also the most physically fit, are found there and they know the best way to cut fat without resorting to eating disorders: lifting weights.” Why leave out steroids?

Is Wisconsin’s minimum mark-up law unconstitutional? Can the state force gas stations to sell gas at a certain price? Imagine a beer minimum markup?


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