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Back to school. My first course is at 11 AM so I better get these things up fast. Unfortunately for some unknown reason the site is not allowing links. I don’t know if it’s wordpress or what but the best I can do right now is merely direct you to various places…like the Herald website (badgerherald.com) and the Cardinal site (dailycardinal.com).

The first edition of the Herald is out, with many of the stories recounting events from the past weeks of even months, including Doyle’s withdrawal from the race, CFACT’s lawsuit against UW as well as the lawsuit against Sigma Chi. The headline “UW students imprisoned in Ethiopia” is a bit sensationalist – most people who see that are going to assume a) that the two students are still in prison and b) that it was more than a pre-deportation detention. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it was a very scary experience.

I did write a column for the Herald but it doesn’t seem to have appeared. Eric….

Speaking of Eric Schmidt, his column “Run Kathleen Falk” (Opinion) is OK, but he’s very selective with his facts. He not only assumes Walker will be the Republican nominee but that he will be a strong Republican nominee.  One of his reasons for supporting Falk is that the other Democrats in the field lose to Walker in polls. Of course he doesn’t mention how Falk would have done in those polls. As Jim Carey in Liar Liar said, “because it’s devastating to my case!”

Wow, Kevin Bargnes, the managing editor, writes a column about why Sara Mikolajczak, the former head of the College Republicans, was bad for UW. Yes, most UW students side with Dems over Republicans on social issues, especially gay rights, however, there was plenty wrong with Mikolajczak’s leadership besides social issues. My favorite quote of hers was her response to a question about universal health care. “Young people don’t get sick, well, we do, just not very sick.”

The Herald editorial board wants somebody to fill the 5th district Dane County board currently occupied by Wyndham Manning.

At first glance I thought the Cardinal had not updated its Opinion page until, just to make sure, I clicked on Kyle Szarzynski’s column on health care and realized it was slightly different than the one he wrote several weeks ago, although I could swear the headline was the same. Good article.

The Cardinal editorial board writes a column decrying J.B. Van Hollen’s decision not to stand up for the state’s new civil union registry. Hopefully this editorial, which was witty and articulate, signals a new era for the Cardinal editorial page, which was not very good at all last year.


7 Responses to “Herald and Cardinal links”

  1. anonymous Says:

    maybe wyndham’s too busy working at the underground book store. at least i think that’s who my cashier was yesterday…

  2. Anonyies Says:

    yes, pretty sure that was him. he asked me if I needed any help.

  3. Eric Schmidt Says:

    “Schmidt is very selective with his facts.”

    Those facts being, according to you,
    1) That Scott Walker will be a strong nominee (and THE nominee)
    2) That Kathleen Falk could poll well against Scott Walker

    If you mean that I’m very selective with my completely subjective interpretations of human events, then you’ve described most of existence and commentary.

  4. The Sconz Says:

    I’ll grant you the first one. Although I think many of the readers who aren’t familiar with the race might misinterpret “Scott Walker is going to be the nominee. Period” as a statement of fact, people who are familiar probably know that is a prediction.

    But you could have mentioned that Falk has not been polled against Walker. Plus, you cite Dems with low name recognition state-wide, Kind and Barrett (much more after the attack) as if Falk would not fall in the same category of low name-recognition or in Falk’s case, bad name recognition.

  5. Gerald Cox Says:

    Wait…Kyle is at the Cardinal?

  6. Gerald Cox Says:

    …so he is. So he is. Jigga what?

  7. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Indeed. Perhaps it’s time for you to take a swim into more ethical waters yourself, Gerald. You’d be surprised at how refreshing it is to write for a paper which actually values journalistic integrity.

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