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Should be a beautiful day in Madison, WI. You’ll probably bump into a few freshmen – they’re drunk, disoriented and in awe of everything they see, especially the spray paint artist who does the Pink Floyd album covers on State St. Today’s brunch comes from a diner I stopped by on my trip to Minocqua this weekend. $2 Old Fashioned and a waitress still wearing a Favre jersey (it’s not purple). What a great state. Sunny with a high of 70. Getting a little chilly.


People who work for Paul Ryan just might be pyschopaths. Who’d have thunk it?

Drunk driving laws may change soon. Drunk driving will not.

Steve Nass asks Attorney General to look into abuses by Dept. of Family and Children. The attorney general, by the way, comes out against giving felons the right to vote. Big surprise.

Stock up now or quit. Cigarette tax goes up 75 cents tomorrow.

John Sylvester on Barbara Lawton for governor: “Several days later, I shared my support for Lawton with a prominent Madison politician and was shocked by the dismissive response.”

This letter to the editor in the Oshkosh Northwestern illustrates the paradox of the American taxpayer: people desperately want government services but think it is practically immoral to finance them with taxes.

Sen. Neal Kedzie encourages the expansion of “Rustic Roads” – country roads protected by the state to encourage sight seeing.

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Irish Frog Says:

    I think your Oshkosh link may be wrong.

  2. guest Says:

    Is that an olive in your old fashion? if so, you should be forever banned from drinking old fashions.

    • The Sconz Says:

      Uh oh, can I see some credentials? From what I’ve seen olives or a pickled mushroom is pretty standard in an Old Fashioned sour, although I have only personally ordered about three in my entire life. If this is a new phenomenon I embrace it nevertheless – I don’t like sweet drinks. I’m just not down with maraschino (sp?) cherries.

  3. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    A pickled mushroom is what belongs in an old fashioned.

  4. guest Says:

    What you’re both describing is a Whiskey Sour, or a Whiskey Sour Old Fashioned.

    Here is the proper recipe for a regular Old Fashioned…

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