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Going Up North today. I don’t actually know where, it’s my girlfriend’s uncle’s place, in Minocqua. Lots of good stuff in the Cap Times today, including an editorial urging Obama to use Ted Kennedy’s eulogy for a “call to action” on health care. Wouldn’t it be funny if the State Journal argued the opposite? No such luck, although an interesting editorial on the unaccetably slow process of granting patents in the state.

Don’t ever trust a man in blue, he just may be an impersonator. I guess female cops are OK though.

Barrett looks more and more like a gubernatorial candidate. Falk still doesn’t.

An assembly bill will bar companies from discriminating against job applicants based on credit history. The bill is sponsored by the sane rep from Whitewater, Kim Hixson.

As a citizen, I abhor Gossip Girl politics, but as a blogger, I love it (bottom of the page).

One Response to “Brunch Links”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I hope Obama has better sense than to try to turn Kennedy’s funeral into a partisan pep rally. Anyone remember the screed at Senator Paul Wellstone’s funeral? It so offended Minnesotans that they elected Norm Coleman to his seat. What is the Capital Times thinking? Are they taking PR advice from PETA?

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