Lucky’s: A bar with a lot of tvs


I was at Lucky’s for the first time in a long time yesterday evening. I had come for the famous Lucky’s trivia, which I was surprised to learn is run by an outside contractor. Really? Isn’t there one guy on staff who can look through Wikipedia and come up with some 20 questions?

Lucky’s is a big bar. It’s got two big rooms and there is a notice above the urinals that boats more than 50 tvs in the bar. It’s not hard to believe ā€“ there seemed to be every baseball game possible going on, including my beloved Phillies.

The drink specials were considerably better than the ones on trivia night at the City. At the City, they advertise $2.50 Bud Light bottles, whereas Lucky’s was offering two-for-one Bud Light bottles ā€“ I believe for around $3. Much better deal. They also have $1 corndogs.

Thursday night is the night to be at Lucky’s. It’s virtually impossible to beat a $1 tap deal offered ā€“ although my brother once told me of a place in Philadelphia where they’d offer you the beer for half the price if you shotgunned it.

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