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Great day to read the Sconz. Yesterday was another heartbreaker at trivia, this time at Lucky’s. The questions were considerably easier than those at the City trivia, so you really have to get all the questions right to win. Long story short, we didn’t win. But here was the last question: How many items did the Madison public library system lend out last year? Closest guess wins.

Showers and a high of 71.


I think this is a tragedy that reflects two dangers in Madison: drunk driving and mopeds. Although the identity of a moped driver who was killed in a crash with a car has not been released, if what I see every day is any indication, the person was probably not wearing a helmet. There are considerably more bicyclists who wear helmets than moped drivers. Something is not right.

$2 million training facility for cops during times of budget cuts? Does Mayor Dave want to bait the left as much as possible?

Doyle is off to a trade mission in Israel. Somewhere Sarah Palin is shaking her head, and hopefully tweeting about it.

I believe Eli Judge became the first Madison pol to take a position on the governor’s race when he joined Barbara Lawton for governor on facebook. So soon Eli? Uh oh, Kurt Gosselin’s a member too? Ron Kind will not forget this. Speaking of Kind, a Defeat Ron Kind blog has officially emerged, the slogan is “Ron Kind is cruel and unjust.”

Oh snap: “I want to know who’s establishing that list,” said Meadowood resident Lisa Kass, 57, who pointed out that one of the residents “rights” was to a quiet neighborhood after 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. But, she added, the document made no reference to people who run their lawn mowers and leaf blowers before 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

John Stossel, from 20/20 speaks to right wing audience about the dangers of health care reform. Seriously.

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    I wish the list made it so giant trucks with enormous engines can’t idle outside your bedroom window every morning at 8 a.m.

  2. Me neither Says:

    Looks like stole a template.

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