Try and shout me down on the phone!


Hysterical. Old people against health care have become so threatening that Rep. David Obey has surrendered to 20th century technology for his next town hall meeting on the subject:

U.S. Rep. Dave Obey has announced plans to answer questions on health care reform Monday through a district wide telephone forum.

Obey, D-Wausau, writes in a message on his House Web site that the approach will allow thousands of people from across the 7th CD to participate in the event in “the most constructive way to involve the largest number of people possible in a good discussion on this important topic.”

Dem lawmakers have faced a series of hostile crowds across the country, and Wisconsin Republicans have been trying to pressure Obey, chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, to meet with constituents on the topic.

“I’m looking forward to a good discussion with people from all over the District, a chance to separate fact from fiction, and an opportunity to ensure that people have accurate information — not misinformation — about what’s going on,” Obey writes on his site.

I know, it’s all about accessibility Dave. Or, it might just be about taking a note out of Rush Limbaugh’s book on screening unfavorable callers. How Limbaugh does it so effectively has always puzzled me. That you can listen to a session of his show and not hear one reference to his drug habit is frankly an insult to the 1st amendment. Oh well.

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