Brunch Links


Hot but supposed to be rainy today. My computer is about to die so I will not be able to put a brunch photo on. You will go hungry.

New campaign: “This morning, we (Wisconsin for Tom Barrett) are officially encouraging Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to run for Wisconsin Governor. We believe Mayor Barrett is the best Democratic candidate for the Governor’s Office.”

It’s not hard to see that the altercation at the state fair is driving people crazy for Barrett.

Other mayors do not do as well interacting with constituents: “Skydiving Manitowoc mayor injures spectator.”

UW zoology Professor Stanley Dodson passes away.

Feingold begins to raise skepticism of the war in Afghanistan.

Looks like teens have an uphill battle: “Doctors, anti-drinking advocates and others spoke in support of the measure. Even the Wisconsin Tavern League, the lobbying group for bars and taverns across the state, supports it.”

The whole state seems mobilized to keep Mercury Marine jobs in Wisconsin, with the Journal-Sentinel writing the company is “too big to lose.


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