ASM book swap this weekend


In no way should the two recent posts on successful initiatives by ASM be interpreted as an expression of optimism in the future of UW student government. Nevertheless, it is important that all non-filthy rich students take note of the book swap set up by ASM for this weekend, from Friday to Sunday in Gordon Commons 2A.

Run by ASM’s academic affairs committee, the swap will allow students to save money by buying and selling their used textbooks to one another.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for students to get around the textbook costs, which are outrageous,” says academic affairs committee chair and UW-Madison sophomore Jonah Zinn.

On Aug. 28, students can drop off textbooks they hope to sell at Gordon Commons. The next day, students can browse the selection for their fall semester’s books. Students can pick up their money and unsold books on Aug. 30.

This will be the fourth semester ASM is holding the textbook swap, but it’s the first time ASM hosted a pre-swap drop-off at the end of last semester.

Zinn says they already have more than 1,100 books in stock, and they are expecting more on Aug. 28.

Respectable. The university bookstore is a business – don’t let its association with the university fool you. It screws you in every way possible, and book swaps like these are the only way to fight back. And remember, if you take your books in on Friday and they don’t sell you can pick them up again and sell them back to the bookstore, especially if you need some money for chewing gum.


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