Governor’s race…


Only 13 months until the gubernatorial election. Where are my polls? Where is my 24/7 analysis?

First, we need some primary polls. What kind of name recognition do the candidates have? The most high profile candidate on either side is Barbara Lawton, although frankly there are plenty of voters who don’t know the name of the lieutenant governor. What percentage of Milwaukee County knows the name of their executive, Scott Walker? Do people remember Mark Neumann? The only potential candidates I can see with a lock on a certain bloc of voters are Rep. Ron Kind (D), who likely has quite a bit of name recognition with the western Wisconsinites he’s represented for seven terms in Congress, as well as Mayor Tom Barrett, who not only has great name recognition in Milwaukee, but has gotten the BEST press out of any of the candidates when he saved a grandmother and her grandson from a deranged drunk last week.

A poll that came out yesterday shows the two Milwaukee-area candidates, Walker and Barrett, in a dead heat, 44-43. As Zach at Blogging Blue notes, despite the good press, Barrett is still not a declared candidate. Scotty has been for months.

Of course, we haven’t even discussed the possibility of a bid from Tommy Thompson. And no, Kathleen Falk is not going to run.


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One Response to “Governor’s race…”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Do not be so sure about Kathleen Falk not running. Sure, her coffers are rather dry, but she could easily get key endorsements as she did in 2002 (SEIU, WI NOW, hundreds of environmental leaders throughout the state.) And her press office has officially stated that she’s “not closing any doors.” This kind of doublespeak bemuses me.

    She’ll run. Will she win? I dunno, but I think a Falk candidacy would be interesting for a basic reason: she’s a fiscal conservative, and a county executive, and a head-to-head contest with Scott Walker would mean two fiscally-conservative county executives sparring with each other. In that match-up, the candidate whose other views are more in line with voters wins the election, and Walker is out-of-touch right now on everything besides fiscal issues.

    Look, of course, for my front-page piece “Run, Falk, Run” on the front page of BH Opinion in the registration issue.

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