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Good morning! A few years back I googled “Madison defense attorney” (just out of interest, honestly) and came across the site of one Stephen J. Meyer, a self-described “drunk driving and criminal defense attorney.” Apparently Meyer was turned down by Sens. Feingold and Kohl for a recommendation to a federal judgeship, however, I was disappointed to see that his website seems to have turned down the emphasis on drunk driving. No more testimonial from a client who “t-boned a car with a 0.2 BAC and got off with a windshield violation!” White collar crimes? Don’t sell out Steve. The people of Wisconsin can never have too many OWI lawyers. Sunny with high of 80 and low of 63.

Speaking of…Why do prosecutors always bring two charges in drunken-driving cases — operating while intoxicated or impaired (OWI), and operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC) — and then always toss out the latter? State Journal tells you why.

Hotel clerk foils robbery with fisticuffs. I usually don’t do crime stories, but I know you want to read that.

Wisconsin Student Lobby in the news.

Good to know Rep. Paul Ryan (R) will be holding an African-American listening session. I’m guessing he’s very concerned about the government running their health care.

Fond du Lac union workers vote against concessions, meaning more jobs will leave Wisconsin for Oklahoma. Talk radio will blame Doyle.

State Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer, a Democrat in name only, is getting challenged for his second position as county executive.


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