Brunch Links


Looks like a beautiful day in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Blue skies are expected all day with a high of 77 and a low of 51 at night. I should give a shout out to Kurt Gosselin’s new blog, Beyond the Talking Points, which Gosselin apparently started after encouragement from the Critical Badger, who is going on hiatus for a while. The blog will likely cover mostly campus affairs – ASM, the Wisconsin Student Lobby etc.

In case you missed it, Favre is signing with the Vikings.

Interesting run-down of the possible cuts necessary to bring city spending down.

Frustrated businessman tries to get city council to support a new bar at University Square. Bryon Eagon, who supports the bar, discusses at his blog.

Forward Our Motto summarizes the mayor’s last budget hearing.

Despite Doyle’s poll numbers, he’s certainly not getting Bush-like treatment from members of his own party.

“Barrett’s hand was shattered and was repaired in a three-hour surgery. A doctor placed stitches in the mayor’s head, and Barrett had plastic surgery to repair another cut that extended from his cheek to his nose.”

Democrats and Republicans may be working on a plan to pay teachers based on student performance.

Scott Walker crushes Mark Neumann at state fair straw poll, for all it’s worth.  Actually, I don’t think it’s worth much at all, considering that people could vote multiple times.


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