Stop talking about Paul Ryan


What is wrong with the press? Don’t they understand that Paul Ryan is not going to run for governor? Two other established Republican candidates, with plenty of money, have already been campaigning for months. Ryan probably has more name recognition than any Wisconsin Republican besides Tommy Thompson, but he has too much potential to gain power in Washington to take this kind of risk.


4 Responses to “Stop talking about Paul Ryan”

  1. KB Says:

    Yeah. He told the AP that he’s not running, and you’re right, it would make no sense for him to do it given his ambitions in Washington.

  2. Beyond the Talking Points Says:

    Scott Walker told listeners on Mark Belling’s Mid-Afternoon talk show that he has spoken with Paul Ryan, and that Ryan is not intending on running for Governor. There has been speculation about Tommy Thompson since he has not ruled it out.

    Also, Walker gave a nice shout out to Ryan as a 2012 Senate prospect.

  3. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    Rachel Maddow thinks Milwaukee’s Tom Barrett’s has reached “super hero” status and should be awarded “governor for life”.

  4. whats wrong with the press? Says:

    by my count, you spent 3 times as many sentences talking about Paul Ryan running for governor as that article. Just because the press understands it doesn’t mean that all of their readers do.

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