ASM succeeds at something!


Incredible. Although I pledged that I would never write about ASM, the UW student government, it appears that there finally may be reason not only to write about it, but to commend it!

This morning my roomates and I, stuck with a car and a U-Haul, were pondering the options for parking. We are technically homeless until noon tomorrow, and we didn’t know anybody who was renewing their lease and had a parking place for us. Then we remembered ASM’s move out initiative, which offers sleeping spaces at the Student Activitie’s Center and parking spaces at various lots around campus. Done. We secured two parking spaces for the truck and the car, and we don’t have to worry about parking tickets or worse — getting towed.

Kudos to ASM for creating this service for students. Hopefully it can expand next year. If you’re still looking for a parking place or a place to sleep make sure and call 608-265-4276.

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