Brunch Links


It is supposed to be beautiful the rest of this week – sunny and in the 80’s. Another heart-breaker at trivia last night. We were in second place going into final jeopardy and we wagered everything. Question: In Ferris Buehler, a classic of the recently departed director John Hughes, the main character takes part in a Chicago parade celebrating what holiday? We were flirting with “Oktoberfest” until we realized that Ferris was at a Cubs game that very day, and anybody who knows anything about the Cubs knows that they don’t play many games in October. We guessed Casmir Pulaski Day. Predictably, another group guessed “Polish Day.” Everybody was wrong – it was Von Steuban Day. Today’s brunch comes courtesy of the Marigold Kitchen, a well-reputed restaurant by the Capitol.

New gay club in town. “East Coast chic with a West Coast laid back vibe.”

Cap Times: “If any tax dollars are provided for the project, the developer must agree that access will never be blocked when private events are held.”

New state voting standards: no voter ID, no early voting.

Yeah, I hope he sued. “In May, Madison police used pepper spray and a Taser on Bottila after he refused to leave a McDonald’s restaurant where a manager wanted him to leave because of his dog.”

Wisconsin schools get $1.6 million for homeless students.

Spencer Black pushes financial disclosure policy for legislators. One conspiracy theorist Republican is opposed.

Abe Lincoln on Bascom to be cleaned for first time in over a decade.

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