Move out preparations


Kurt Gosselin elaborated on ASM’s move out night plan, in response to several questions I asked. On how the program could be made bigger, to accommodate more students:

There are really only 2 ways to make it bigger:
1) Use space other than the SAC for sleeping
2) Not designate the SAC as sleeping space, instead making it “sitting space” – unfortunately, we have to take direction from the Fire Marshall on capacity issues. Acc. to the Marshall, each sleeping person gets a 6×10 foot space (which is larger than a queen bed!).

Gosselin also mentioned that a “new service” will soon be unveiled to students. He gave no indication as to what that may be.

For my part, move out is not as bad as it was last year. I have no personal effects besides a broken chair, clothes, and some posters. If anybody’s looking to sell a mattress, seriously, hit me up on facebook or twitter.

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