Saturday Brunch


Big week so far chez le Sconz – not only did I find out that some big bloggers were linking to me and driving up the traffic, but it terms out that a certain tactless company was fixing to influence dialogue on the blog by flooding the comments section. Where are you guys?

Now, most blogs are woefully neglected during the weekend, and my own is no exception. One look at the page views per day reveals blogs to be a thing of workplace procrastination. Apparently your interest in city and state politics practically disappears when you don’t have something else you’re supposed to be doing. Hopefully the pouring rain today will change up the patterns a little. I’m getting tired of getting brunch photos off Google – I think I’m going to start a new project to photography local cuisine (regardless of what meal) and put that in the brunch links. Today we’ve simply got a photo of Indie Coffee, where I sit right now.

Bryon Eagon makes a comprehensive post on move out night and the program set up by ASM to host homeless students on the night of the 14th. If you’re interested you should definitely check it out – it has all the details.

Speaking of Aug. 15, that is the day the Dane County smoking ban will take effect.

But hotels are already looking for an exemption to the state smoking ban that will take effect next year.

WisBlawg: Budget will be re-published after one of Jim Doyle’s partial vetoes was determined to be unconstitutional.

State Journal: Doyle’s chief legal counsel resigns after she is alleged to have practiced law without a license.

Cap Times: The Landmark Commission set to vote on Edgewater renovation.


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