Brunch Links


City Council WILL take up the budget today. It should be sunny and clear skies today, with a high of 80 and a low of 50.

Budget committee approves high speed trains.

Conservative groups import a “tea party” to Rep. Steve Kagen’s health care forum. They knew Steve was a partier. Now Kagen says the insurance industry was behind the protests.

Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee Public Schools raise salary for superintendent by $100,000. “I support this even though it sort of offends every populist bone I have in my body,” Board member Bruce Thompson said.

Cap Times: Wisconsin one of only states with no ceiling on payday loan interest. “I was desperate,” says “Valeria,” who asked that her real name not be used. “I just can’t get out,” she says. “I just always pay the interest — that’s it.”

Brenda Konkel: City is either disorganized or mucking up lobbyist regulation.

CineMadison: You want a better deal than Netflix? There are local options. One of which I’ll be living above in two weeks.

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