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On the second floor of Memorial Union, in the Class of 1925 room, one can find a good way to pass a half hour. Those of you less interested in impressionistic paintings – it’s still a good way to kill 10 minutes. The feature is painter Robert Burkert, a UW grad from the 1950’s. Some of his work struck me as a direct attempt at Monet’s water lilies, however, a couple of them captured a Wisconsin nationalism that would be hard to come by at the Institut des Beaux Arts in Paris.

IMG_1248That is a piece from 1952, and if you look closely above the conductor’s head you’ll see “National Fond du Lac.” The blue panel on the lower right hand side of the car is a promotion for Miller High Life.

But my commentary is superficial. What you should be doing, if you’re interested in some real commentary on the exhibit, is check out my neighbor Dan Sullivan’s new art blog, CineMadison. There is obviously a heavy focus on film, but there I assure you there will plenty of discussion of other local arts. Sullivan’s main thesis, I guess you would say, is that there is a vibrant film community in Madison that goes woefully undetected in forums like…ya know, the Sconz.


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