Saturday Brunch


Good morning Wisconsin. It looks like it might be a little stormy in Madison today, with a high of 74 and low of 54.

A bit of national news to start the day:

The health care bill just passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee, with five Democrats voting with all 24 Republicans against the bill. This could really be it – hopefully the Blue Dogs have finally rolled over and died.

First off, because I loathe Keith Olbermann, I would like to direct you to a New York Times article describing Olbermann’s mysterious decision to stop criticizing his right wing equivalent, Bill O’Reilly. Corporate media.

Steve Jagler: Canadians think Wisconsin is a business paradise.

Cap Times: If we get high speed rail, please put the station in the city, and not at the airport!

Political Environment: “Recall Doyle group discovers amazing new tactic: an election.”

State Journal: Madison hoping federal government will supply more money for low-income housing.

Journal-Sentinel: Doyle awarded Spanish train company with no-bid contract.

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