Brunch Links


The theme today seems to be criticism of Gov. Doyle. I’m feeling good about today. The sky is blue and the forecast has Madison sunny all day. High of 80 and a low of 58. Today we have a brunch from Florence, Italy. The exotic assortment of packaged jams and white bread toast will have you fantasizing about bella Italia all day.

Wisconsin’s version of the “Birthers” have suspended their efforts to recall Gov. Doyle.

Bryon Eagon puts up some photos of the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery construction project.

AP: Wisconsin using money not to repair unsafe bridges, but on easier things, like repaving roads.

Cognitive Dissidence: Milwaukee County Sheriff wants to scale back program to help inmates find jobs. What should we replace it with?

The Cap Times files a lawsuit against Gov. Doyle in response to the administration’s seeming inability to comply with an open records request earlier this summer. The best part comes from Doyle spokesman and former Cap Times reporter Lee Sensenbrenner:

“When asked if the records were turned over in a timely manner, Lee Sensenbrenner, a spokesperson for the governor, initially dodged the question by saying he was surprised The Capital Times had the resources to file a lawsuit.”

Mike Hahn is skeptical of Doyle’s high speed train plan. An article by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism raises a lot of questions about the high speed rail line, including the term “high speed.”

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