Bobby Jindal for WI governor


If there’s one paradox in Wisconsin, it is that a moderate state is utterly lacking moderate Republicans. On the national level Rep. Petrie is a relic of the days when the GOP was a party that included reasonable people. However, on the state level the Republican Party is the party of Bush, the party of McCarthy, the party of Walker.

Scott Walker seems determined to prove that Wisconsin belongs in the South. Not only is he a social conservative of the Bible-belt brand, but he’s joined Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford and all the other clowns in opposing stimulus money for Wisconsin. Of course, like all Republicans who tried to score points on that issue, he eventually had to back off. Cory Liebman, from Eye on Wisconsin, has listed all the cities and towns Walker is speaking in, as well as how much federal stimulus money each place got.

Who can forget the beginning of the year, when Scott Walker first refused federal stimulus money for Milwaukee County? He was rightfully panned from all sides, even from some of his most adoring fans in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and in the Milwaukee business community. Eventually he created confusing and ever evolving criteria so that he could give any answer that a potential voter would want to hear on the subject.

This weekend the local media should force Scott Walker to fully explain himself. He should be forced to tell them exactly why their communities should send back their share of the federal stimulus money. Such a blatant act of journalism could actually start an interesting trend. A trend that could start what I would like to call the “Walker Anti-Stimulus Tour”.

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