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A beautiful day in the Sconz. Should be sunny with a high of 78 and a low of 52. Good news from Iraq today. The Brew Crew got worked by the worst team in baseball again last night.

Feingold and Kohl criticize judicial hearings, calling them “theater.” One of the first interesting things I’ve heard Herb Kohl say in a long time.

Bryon Eagon appears in the AP, calling on the state to make online voter registration a priority.

Rep. Jeff Wood is challenging charges of marijuana possession against him, citing 4th amendment violations.

Forward Our Motto: The Dane County Board of Supervisors are up to no good.

Political Environment: How will the Doyle adminstration implement the Great Lakes

There will a hearing on sentencing reform at the Capitol. Experts are invited to speak – I can’t wait to see who the GOP witnesses are. There’s got to be a talk radio host who feels strongly about the issue.


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Bryon Eagon Says:

    Correction: At this meeting I talked about online voter registration, not online voting.

    The AP seems to have corrected it in most of the online outlets that picked up the story.

  2. Madison Foodie Says:

    Although the Brunch links themselves are always interesting, it’s the brunch food photos that really catch the eye. Where are you getting these? Are these local?

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Hey, no, they’re actually pretty random, but if you know of a place to get good local food images online, please tell. Also, I might start taking pictures of local food – thanks for the idea!

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