The City Bar, and the lady on the Capitol


Last night I had the pleasure of attending trivia night at The City. It’s supposed to start at 8 but it doesn’t usually start until after 8:30. I was a newbie on the three time champion nearly all-Herald team, dubbed “The Waldo Team.”

Out of a dozen or so teams (maybe more?) we came in third place, qualifying for the “Final Jeopardy” round. With 29 points, we went all in, figuring we had to. The final jeopardy question: what is the name of the statue atop the state capitol?

Do you know? I would love to do a poll to see how many of my readers are worthy Wisconsin citizens. Of course you could cheat…OK, the name is simply “Wisconsin.” We guessed “Voyager.” It hurts. Of course, what hurt even more was seeing that not one of the three teams got it right.

Either way, I like the set up at the City. The combination of couches, tables and the long bar is interesting…kind of trendy looking. It would be a little depressing to spend too much time there – it’s underground and always dark. The drink special on Monday was pretty weak. Although I admire the $4 giant Svedka mixers, every good bar should have a good beer special, and $2.50 bud light bottles is terrible. If you’re drink special is going to feature a bad beer, it should feature the cheapest bad beer possible, like PBR or better still, Blatz. Anybody know of any Schlitz specials around town?

The only other time I had ever been to the City it was late at night, I’d had my fill, and I looked up at the specials and ordered a water.


One Response to “The City Bar, and the lady on the Capitol”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I think Old Milwaukee might be even cheaper than Blatz. I don’t like beer myself, but I had an alcoholic relative who went through Old Swill by the case. I had another relative who liked Blatz, but only in the afternoons (before she moved on to vodka), so she wasn’t as price-senstive. None of my relatives drank PBR; I think it was way too classy for my white trash clan.

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