Greedy county supervisors?


So says Brenda Konkel. When Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk asked the board of supervisors to take a pay cut last week, all eagerly replied in the affirmative, except two. Unsurprisingly, both were from outside of Madison. In one of those places where “conservative” doesn’t mean “endorsed John Edwards.”

Wiganowsky said he declined to take the pay cut — $205 out of each supervisor’s $8,200 annual salary — blaming the county’s difficult financial situation on Falk’s fiscal policies, specifically borrowing for open space.

Schlicht said he didn’t want to give the county “additional money to be mismanaged.” Instead, he said is making a $410 donation to a fund for emergency pumping of the flooded Crystal Lake in northern Dane County.

“I would much rather give my money to Bernie Madoff than Kathleen Falk,” Schlicht said.

I can’t decide what’s more amusing – Madison leftists or Madison Republicans. It’s ironic to hear Republicans fire off at government punishing government employees during times of economic malaise. What is the essence of big government, after all? If Ronald Reagan taught us anything, it certainly is not money or employees. Schlict clearly agrees. Yes, perhaps the money from your salary will get “Falked up” in some program you believe to be unnecessary, however, if government employees are paid less, it makes it more likely that the money saved will be returned to the taxpayer in the future.

Also, practically every government employee around the state is taking some form of pay cut, supervisors are certainly not the only victims. Every state employee in the state will be taking 8 days of furlough this year. While teachers have been made eligible for higher pay raises, most of them will not be getting them and the education budget in Dane County is getting slashed as much as 15%.


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