Don’t buy grenades from State St stands


Wisconsin, for all its great hunting, does not sufficiently “keep it real” enough for our friends at the NRA. That Wisconsin is the only state in the union to forbid carrying a concealed weapon is heresy, not only because our founding fathers clearly foresaw and provided for the day when every adult (man over age 12) would carry a sawed off shotty in his pant leg, but because Wisconsin has a significant rural population, for which the NRA considers itself a defacto mouthpiece. Now that sentencing reforms are sending “dangerous criminals to a neighborhood near you,” you’d think our state lawmakers would be rushing to legalize bazookas to keep Wisconsin families safe.

Well think again. We’ve been duped once more. A group of legislators, including Republicans, introduced a proposal today to increase penalties for those who weapons illegally. Well what are you supposed to do if you need a gun immediately? You can’t wait 48 hours. Who hasn’t asked to see the “secret collection” from one of those pipe dealers on State St? No, it is not a bong that looks like a gun.

The bill will now make it a Class H felony to buy or receive a stolen firearm, which can be punishable by up to $10,000 fine, six years in prison, or both.


One Response to “Don’t buy grenades from State St stands”

  1. Paul Axel Says:

    This is good legislation. Almost all crimes committed with firearms used guns that were purchased illegally. However, simply increasing the penalty for illegal gun sales is not enough. What can the state do to crack down on its sale? Would it require something more from the state police? What actions are currently being taken to stem the sales of illegal firearms?

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