“A” for effort Mayor Dave


Just in case I didn’t give enough compliments to our dear mayor today, I will finish up the evening by commending the man for creating new standards of analysis and prose in city dialogue. In discussing the city of Monona’s decision to not allow residents to keep chicken coops, as is allowed in Madison:

So, I wish they hadn’t chickened out over this. Sure it may seem like they’re scrambling to catch up with Madison, but they should look at the sunny side and realize that just like here in Madison it will go over easy.

It’s not just a shell game. Four chickens (the maximum allowed under the Madison ordinance) can produce two or three eggs a day. Over time that can save some real scratch. So it’s good eggonomics in hard boiled times, which is something to crow about (though not in Madison where roosters are not allowed).

But look Monona, you don’t have to wing it. You can stay abreast of the situation by looking at Madison’s eggsperience. We allowed chickens about four years ago with very few complaints and lots of happy chicken owners. I know not everybody likes the idea. But you can’t make an omelet without cracking some eggs.

Now those, Mr. Mayor, were some wise cracks.


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4 Responses to ““A” for effort Mayor Dave”

  1. Paul Axel Says:

    You think he was working on that all day?

  2. Ordinary Jill Says:

    Do you really think he writes his own material?

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Jill, he might have an intern update for him – but it’s not that farfetched that he’d write a blog post every few days. He’s the mayor of Madison after all, not the president.

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