Sunday Brunch


It’s a beautiful day in Mad-town. Please get out and throw the ball with your kid. But again we have a forecast of storms later today – let’s hope it’s as inaccurate as it was yesterday. High of 77 and a low of 58. 

A great editorial by the New York Times on the proposed health care reform in Congress. The pros, the cons, who’s winning, who’s losing. Very comprehensive. It’s good to read an article about health care by somebody who actually knows what he’s talking about. Certainly rare these days.

It’s good to see Tommy Thompson at least making some worthwhile speeches as a former governor. It goes to show that unless one has political ambitions in the Republican Party, it is not rational to deny the necessity of universal health care in this country. Unless you really, really want a spot on Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel.”

State Journal: Wisconsin tech schools are adjusting tuition to attract kids from Illinois and Iowa. And no where else!

Letters in Bottles: “The raccoons had no problem climbing out of the foot-deep holes I dug, to my disappointment; I wonder how Obama will feel when the trap he’s laying finally springs.”

The Great Lakes appear to be in trouble. A new report shows that Lakes Michigan and Huron have lost nine inches of water due to erosion. The Political Environment (very good blog for environmentalists) says “the data throws into bold relief why Great Lakes restoration is so important and why any effort to divert water from the Great Lakes basin must be carefully vetted and justified.”


One Response to “Sunday Brunch”

  1. Paul Axel Says:

    Expect something from me regarding “health care reform” (a misnomer) soon.

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