Mary Lazich – my new favorite reading material


“Anyone 14 years of age or older, born on or after January 1 1973, may purchase a license and hunt if in possession of a hunting safety course completion certificate unless privileges are revoked in a court of law.”

So heads up for any 14 year olds out there born before 1973. You cannot hunt in Wisconsin.


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2 Responses to “Mary Lazich – my new favorite reading material”

  1. KB Says:

    Time travelers are a serious concern of hers. You can’t have these 14 year olds from 1985 coming to 2009 and hunting. That’s just crazy talk.

  2. Paul Axel Says:

    I thought I noticed more DeLoreans around lately. And a buncha kids in goofy clothes asking if I had any plutonium…

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