Brunch Links


Today’s brunch comes courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow. The temperature should get up to about 82 in Madison today, but threats of storms continue. Scott Walker is now following me on twitter. Thanks Scott’s web intern.

State Journal: Republicans file complaint over Doyle’s travel records.

Cognitive Dissidence: “U.S. Senator Russ Feingold spoke with Peter Orszag today to urge quick approval of the waiver application to extend Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program for an additional two years.”

Eye on Wisconsin: “Perhaps a few reporters should have looked a little closer at Walker’s filing because it raises some rather interesting questions that should be asked.”

An interesting new find via Illusory Tenant – the Marquette University Law Blog. Good discussion of state legal issues, and updates more regularly than WisBlawg, the UW-Madison law blog. And no, Ann Althouse does not count.

Emily Mills: “Of course, not content to abide by their own promises or common decency, Wisconsin Family Action decided tofile a lawsuit challenging the provision, arguing that it does, in fact, violate the ban by creating something “‘substantially similar to marriage.'”

Playground Politics: “Does anything call out “relocate here” louder than the image of a bunch of laid-off white people marching on their library with torches in hand?”


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