Jordan’s Big 10 – It looks better inside


Jordan’s Big 10 Pub, another proud member of the Regent St all-star crew. It wasn’t until recently that I met somebody who’d ever been to the pub, let a lone praised it. Not only are the windows tinted, but the two layers of glass doors are so dark that the establishment often appears closed upon arrival. I always assumed it was a seedy dive/sports bar. I was determined to check it out. So I was slightly disappointed the first time I got there to find out that it was not really a dive at all – it more closely resembles the bar section of ESPN center in NYC. TV’s line the walls (although only a few flat screens) with various sports programming. The place is fairly well lit and clean. The staff is friendly.

The fried macaroni and cheese bits are delightful and you don’t have to ask for the ranch, although you do have to ask for the fries that are supposed to accompany the curds. You have to try them. The drink specials are OK – if you’re into rum they have 2 for 1 rum mixers on Wednesday. But no happy hour deal, so it’s not worth going until after 8.

Big 10 is also a good choice for people looking to have a conversation with friends without having to yell. The music is usually pretty good – a lot of oldies at a reasonable volume.


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12 Responses to “Jordan’s Big 10 – It looks better inside”

  1. Irish Frog Says:

    Man, the Ten has been my favorite bar since…jeez…..’01! They have a killer beer selection, and rotate their tap lines frequently. The staff is the best, they do a good job to take care of the regulars and noobies, and they cook killer food in a kitchen the size of a locker. Great bar!

  2. Paul Axel Says:

    The Big 10 is great, absolutely fantastic. I’m usually there on Thursday nights. It’s worth the walk across town.

  3. Jesse Says:

    I went into the Churchkey for the first time in my nearly a decade of living in Madison this week for Taco tuesday. Tacos weren’t great (write up coming next week), but I really dug the interior. I liked the nachos.

    It led me to decide to start exploring more of these bars I have only glimpsed from the outside. I’ll add the Big Ten to my list.

  4. Gerald Cox Says:

    heh. I used to live not too far from Jordan’s. It does look a bit questionable from the outside.

  5. Jason Joyce Says:

    We went for fish fry last Friday and it was great! Who knew? Lightly battered lake perch and blue gill plus grilled walleye and amazing potato pancakes. Expect a wait. This was my only visit to this place when there wasn’t an accompanying Badger football game.

  6. Nick Says:

    This, more than anything, reveals that you live downtown. Engineers/Bandos/Southwestish-Campus-Living-Students have known the Big 10 as quality establishment. Just because a bar is not on state street, doesn’t mean it is defacto bad.

    • The Sconz Says:

      Hold up Nick. I have lived right off Regent for almost 2 years. However, I was not 21 until recently.

      I would argue that most downtown bars are pretty bad.

      • Paul Axel Says:

        I fall into the bando category. But I think saying most downtown bars are pretty bad may be an overstatement. It really all depends on what you’re looking for and when you go. I rarely, if ever, go to downtown bars on Friday or Saturday, unless I’m going out for someone’s birthday or it’s a Bad Decisions Night.

        If you get into a bar at 9 or 9:30, it’s not terribly crowded and you can actually move about and have a decent time. If you’re not in by 10 though…

        One place that I do stay away from for drinking is the Nitty. If I wanted an environment like that, I’d go to a house party.

      • Nick Says:

        ah. Well, then. Here’s to drinking legally in bars.

      • The Sconz Says:

        Haha, back when I used to get into the Nitty as a freshman I thought it was the greatest thing ever – now yes, it is no different than standing in a crowded basement. The power hour though is simply too cheap for most people to pass up.

  7. Irish Frog Says:

    Hey Sconz, can you make it so all the comments on an article can be viewed at once? Unless you get some serious spam activity, I don’t see why we should have to click through to see all 8 comments.

  8. The Sconz Says:

    Good idea Frog. I also made a couple other comment changes – while I was in settings.

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