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Today’s featured brunch is “Mexican Chocolate Coffee,” from Betty’s Kitchen. Temperatures in Madison will range between a high of 79 and a low of 57, with a strong chance of thunderstorms.

NYTimes: Our generation sucks. I guarantee you that’s what the article is about.

State Journal: “I would much rather give my money to Bernie Madoff than Kathleen Falk,” says disgruntled Dane County Supervisor.

Journal-Sentinel: Legislators want to raise fine for telemarketers who violate “no-call list.”

Racine Journal Times: Minimum wage going up tomorrow.

Rep. Ron Kind: “In Wisconsin health care costs grew five times faster than wages over the last nine years.”

The Daily Page: “Saying no to drugs with mad pride.”


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Paul Axel Says:

    You ever read the comments that people post on articles like the one in the RJT? The ones who bitch about minimum wage, or the “cabal” that is the Fed, or how Obama is turning us into a socialist dictatorship, or some crap like that?

    Who are these people, and why are they posting comments instead of working at their jobs?

  2. The Sconz Says:

    Haha, Paul, I assure you, deranged commenters is something I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about. And yes, right wingers tend deliver more consistently than left-wingers, except on the Critical Badger, where a couple leftist all-stars definitely dominate.

    If you really want a plethora of premium right-wing propaganda, I suggest you check out Ann Althouse’s blog. Although Althouse claims to be a moderate, she somehow only manages to attract commenters who believe that we are indeed living under communism and that only Sarah Palin can save us from it.

    On practically any article written by a college liberal you can expect some grumpy anonymous conservative to them that they don’t understand because “they’ve never been in the real world.” Insults thrown at writers who aren’t majoring in accounting or some other major deemed “practical” are also pretty common place.

  3. Paul Axel Says:

    “Insults thrown at writers who aren’t majoring in accounting or some other major deemed “practical” are also pretty common place.”

    I’m a history major. You’re preaching to the choir there.

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