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Today our featured brunch is the “Bayou Brunch,” from Louisiana. Notice the beads.

The forecast today is a high of 74 with a low of 53, cloudy with a chance of some thunder storms.

The big news these days is the Edgewater Hotel development. I have yet to comment on the matter but I plan to make a much-anticipated appearance in the dialogue today. For now here’s a very comprehensive article by Kristin Czubkowski about the formation of a new neighborhood group, the Mansion Hill Coalition, which will serve as a counter to Capitol Neighborhoods Inc, which gets very little love on campus and has been accused of being a bit…cranky and stale. Not like those delicious tatter-tots above.

The Critical Badger gives some additional insight on the matter, discussing the support the development has from the State-Langdon Neighborhood Association as well as from the Cap Times ed board.

On a separate matter, the Cap Times opposes the plan in Milwaukee to abolish the office of County Executive, which Scott Walker currently occupies. It sums up its opposition with a quote from Bob LaFollette, “the cure to democracy’s ails is more democracy, not less.” Nice quote, but frankly, Wisconsin’s hyper-democratic tradition could be reformed – people should not be electing coroners, or even Supreme Court justices for that matter.

Story from Dusty Christopher about Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls, who emphasizes good relations with the media, a rarity in Wisconsin law enforcement, believes Christopher.

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    Ditto on the supreme court justices. Watching Justice Abrahamson in the debates made me laugh. She is one of the funniest campaigners to watch. If I were Joe Voter, I’d go with the charismatic guy, not the small lady with the funny accent. But Justice Abrahamnson deserves to be where she is.

    Not sure I’m with you on County Executive. If we did the same here, we’d be without the beloved Kathleen Falk. Snicker.

  2. Gerald Cox Says:

    …and it’s “Tater Tots”

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    I understand where the county is coming from on Milwaukee, but even when Holloway says it’s not directly because of Walker and Ament, he’s gotta be crossing his fingers. Their behavior is why this is even being discussed today.

    But I happen to agree with Craver: We run a little wild with votes on things we just shouldn’t really be voting on. I mean, they sort of have that out in California — it’s called voted mandated bankruptcy.

  4. Gerald Cox Says:

    By the way, that brunch looks incredibly delicious.

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