Saturday Brunch


Journal Sentinel: County supervisors push to abolish office of the county executive! Scott Walker doesn’t respond.

La Crosse Tribune: Wisconsin GI Bill brings many more servicemen to UW.

Green Bay Press Gazette: Lakes in northern Wisconsin disappearing. What to do with the land?

Forward Our Motto: Once again, we get distractions from real anti-crime work. The police need tools to approach people who are standing around? Why? To waste their time?

Dusty Christopher: “Then I found out the beer truck that overturned on Highway 151 north of the I-90 interchange, shattering its 22-ton cargo of glass bottles and flooding the side of the highway, was filled with lime-flavored intoxicants, and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Nothing of value was lost.”

Jill Six-Pack: “It could have been worse. It could have been Budweiser + Clamato.”

Recess Supervisor:  “Looks like the American Conservative Union’s only principle is finding the company that will cut them a sweet-ass check to shill.”


One Response to “Saturday Brunch”

  1. Retiredoyle Says:

    Are you kidding? Scott walker issued a release praising holloway for this. He took it even further to suggest that Milwaukee County functions be taken over by municipalities or the state. Milwaukee county is the only county in the entire state that is made up of all incorperated villages or cities. It is a huge waste and duplication of efforts . Once again walker is looking out for taxpayers.

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