Glenn Beck for president


And David F%!&ing Blaska for VP.

If you’re in a hurry you should fast forward to 3:10. If you’re really in a hurry you should fast forward to 3:29.


5 Responses to “Glenn Beck for president”

  1. illusory tenant Says:

    “I mean, if there’s somebody in your life whose voice just sticks in your ear like an ice pick, somebody who makes every part of you just clench every time they speak. Yes, the senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a voice like that. It makes me envy the deaf. It does.” — Glenn Beck

    Different Glenn Beck maybe. In any event, I hope the Glenn Beck in the audio clip wins the lottery for his prostate work soon, because he’s long overdue.

  2. Patti Says:

    So painful to listen to! Almost felt sorry for him (almost, but no way!) I’ve seen two-year olds throw tantrums with more dignity.

    If he was some Joe Schmoe, would this tirade be enough to get him committed? His family should be deeply concerned

  3. Ordinary guy Says:

    I was listening the the YouTube clip with the window open and I swear it made my next door neighbor’s dog start howling.

    It’s amazing how the right wing can make absolute and complete fools of themselves and yet some people still follow them. Thankfully, that generation doesn’t have much time left.

  4. The Sconz Says:

    Ordinary Guy – where do I know you from? I’ve seen your comments somewhere. Glad to have you around. I’d hope what you say is correct, however, I have met college students who watch the Beckster. Not in awhile, but I remember meeting a couple freshman year, including one girl who said she’d read his book!

    Patti – Yes. There’s a great cartoon online that illustrates that point. Just search : Glenn Beck and padded room. You’ll find it.

  5. illusory tenant Says:

    Get Off My Phone: Twilight Vampire Metal Remix.

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