Buck’s Madison Square Garden – why not?


If you’re not looking for three solid inches of tequila in a margarita, Buck’s is not for you. My advice even for the partiers and alcoholics – finish your first drink before you order another one. Even if happy hour’s about to end, the bartenders are benevolent and even the regular alcohol to dollar ratio at Buck’s qualifies for a Happy Hour elsewhere. The cheese curds are OK, but not nearly as good as the “cheese balls” at the Dise, and they’re more expensive, although I believe the serving size is slightly bigger.

The bartender and his team of regulars can be counted on to taunt customers for not drinking enough – just play along and politely decline. The best explanation would definitely be money – studying, driving etc. are not generally considered acceptable excuses to abstain from inebriation. The catcalls do not abide by campus norms of political correctness or social awareness.

They’ll also bother you about some promotion deal called “Bucksball.” There’s really no way to avoid it – you have to sign up. But don’t worry, all you have to do is put down a team name and on following visits you’ll get “bases” or “runs” for drinks you buy. If you have enough free time on your hands, you might order enough to win a prize.

There is no way in hell I would have ever gone to Buck’s if I didn’t live nearby. I suggest you stop by.


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    Buck’s Madison Square Garden – why not? | The Sconz

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    Buck’s Madison Square Garden – why not? | The Sconz

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