Feingold defends “racism”


In case you haven’t been listening to talk radio lately, Sonia Sotomayor is a racist! As Pat Buchanan pointed out, she is a member of “La Raza,” a Latino organization whose stated goal is to work against poverty and discrimination. As Pat could probably tell you himself, Adolf Hitler was a warrior against poverty himself.

Republicans knew that in order to have a political case against Sotomayor, they’d have to have something besides abortion. Americans may be pro-life by identification, but that does not mean they are anti-Roe (By the way, Roe herself, now a prominent anti-abortion activist, was arrested today at the confirmation hearing along with a bunch of other loud pro-life protesters). Here’s the statement that expanded the opposition past the 700 Club constitutency:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

Between tough questions on executive power and second amendment rights, Russ Feingold came to Sotomayor’s defense for her now infamous statement that has got the right in a hissy-fit about the downfall of white civilization.

Feingold said Monday that opponents who have seized upon that line are taking her comments out of context. He said the hundreds of opinions she has written suggest she takes a “cautious and careful approach” to the law.
He notes Sotomayor closed that speech by saying she constantly re-evaluates her assumptions and perspectives.

Interesting how both Minnesota and Wisconsin have two senators on the Judiciary Committee. While Feingold and Kohl are not particularly surprising – Kohl has a lot of seniority and Feingold is incredibly knowledgeable of the law. However, both of Minnesota’s seats are held by very junior senators – Amy Klobucher and Al Franken. It’s frankly surprising that Franken got a seat on such a coveted committee so late in the game. OK, maybe judiciary isn’t as popular as appropriations or foreign policy, but it is a great way to get guaranteed spotlight time, especially considering how many spots on the Supreme Court will open up during Obama’s term.


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