Note to the readers


Hey everyone. I’d just like to touch base with everyone “in” the Sconz. And yes, “the Sconz” does refer to a certain Midwestern state.

The readership is steadily increasing – we’re consistently getting over 200 readers a day, which I’m pretty happy about considering how new this blog is. I’ve gotten some much appreciated links from other locals, including Zach from Blogging Blue, who gave me one of my first. Actually, Brenda Konkel criticizing my early departure from the City Council meeting (I’m not going to call it the Madison Common Council) drove TONS of traffic here. She has A LOT of readers. Too bad she doesn’t have comments on her blog.

On the subject of comments – please feel free to leave them, even if you don’t have anything particularly important or controversial to say. It gets the dialogue going. I’ll try to orient my posts toward comments more in the future, perhaps with more questions to the reader.

Also, I’ve grown tired of tagging posts with “scientology,” “miley cyrus,” and “viagra.” There are certainly more popular topics, such as Michael Jackson, however, there’s no reason to bother attracting a bunch of MJ nuts to a blog about Madison/Wisconsin politics. Unless of course I combine him with some other topic, like Madison, or Wisconsin. Any suggestions on effective tags would be greatly appreciated. And also, any suggestions on good local blogs that are not on my blog roll would be welcome as well. I have been far too lazy in my research of the local/state blogosphere.

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5 Responses to “Note to the readers”

  1. Kristin Czubkowski Says:

    Hey, I’ve linked to you (and commented). The Cap Times can’t get no respect…

  2. The Sconz Says:

    Sorry Kristin, only the very recent links were on the brain. I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned any names…

  3. Zach W. Says:

    I’m disappointed I didn’t get a shout out.

  4. capper Says:

    Meh. You miss three of the biggest, brightest and best blogs that ever bloviated!



    and, of course, Cog Dis.

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