Michael Gableman looking for a loophole…


Justice Michael Gableman is now making the case that the ethics complaint against him is a form of harassment. Sound familiar? I think we’ve heard similar stories up in Alaska. Hopefully this story will end the same way. And no, that does not mean Michael Gableman for president.

Illusory Tenant has been on Justice Michael Gableman’s case for awhile, and rightly points out that Gableman’s case before the Wisconsin Judicial Commission has been overlooked by the media.

“According to the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, a teevee advertisement approved by Gableman during his 2008 election campaign “contains a false statement of fact that [Gableman] made intentionally or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity.”

The Judicial Commission found the ad “does extreme violence to the public’s confidence in the integrity of Wisconsin’s judicial system.”

This is an important test for Wisconsin’s judicial system, and it’s encouraging to see that our hyper-partisan judicial system, in which judges are politicians and not jurists, has some (albeit low) standards for judicial conduct. At issue of course is Gableman’s campaign in 2008, when he effectively labeled his opponent a friend of child molesters by accusing him of “finding loopholes” to set criminals free. Or worse…defending criminals back when he was a…defense attorney. Translation: he believes in the 5th amendment of the constitution. Nice to see somebody else notices the irony of Gableman, now a defendant himself, criticizing somebody for making decisions based on the law as a judge, as well as for following the rule of law when acting as an attorney:

Ironically, Gableman and his well heeled supporters had referred disparagingly to some provisions of the Constitution and other statutory protections as “loopholes” and “technicalities.”

But apparently they come in mighty handy once you find yourself the respondent in a disciplinary proceeding.

I’ve written about this issue way back when for the Herald. Gableman is one of the most embarassing figures in the state of Wisconsin. We all have to keep a closer eye on him.

My biggest hope was that Louis Butler would volunteer to be his defense attorney. Maybe then he could get a chance ignore any potential “loopholes” and let Michael Gableman get the justice he deserves.

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One Response to “Michael Gableman looking for a loophole…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “…in which judges are politicians and not jurists, has some (albeit low) standards for judicial conduct. ”

    Obviously the system sets them up as such. But even on a personal level, when I met Chief Justice Abrahamson the first thing that struck me is how much of a politician she came off as.

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